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Maxim Sokolov

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Now, I'm a student at Innopolis University - first IT-University in Russia

My history was started from in N.Novgorod, Russia. There I was born and have studied in Liceum №165, where I have received high physics and math education, have tried robotics and sport programming. I was winner and participant from different competitions at physics, maths and IT with regional and all-country level for 11 years. Maximal result, I think, is Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and World Robot Olympiad.

After school I go to radiophysics department at Lobachevsky University, N.Novgorod. There I have received basic physics and math high education and plunged in study life.

After the first year education, I have changed education to 3rd year education at Innopolis University. Now I'm studying by bachelor program at computer science and receiving industrial experience.

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Work Experience

Software Engineer (Intern) - NRU HSE (2016 - Present)

At HSE, I have parsed different sites about economic and science in one big PostgreSQL database using Python.
Tags: Python, PostgreSQL, NLTK, Data Mining